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Through new doors

This is a picture of a doorway inside Haut-Koeningsbourg castle in Alsace. It was originally built in 1147 and over time and through war it fell into ruins. The germans rebuilt the castle as it was in the 12th century from 1900-1909. Today people from all over the world come to see this castle making it the second most visited site in Alsace. Time passes but the past remains a part of the future.I am in France physically. However, I carry my country with me in my heart. What happened to and around New Orleans is unforgivable because several things were not done responsibly before and after this hurricane. Thousands lost their homes and we don’t know how many have lost their lives. I only pray that for once this is a lesson learned and not swept away. Let us pass through this door and go into a brighter tomorrow without forgetting our past. I know New Orleans will survive because she is alive in the people who have lived with her for so long. New Orleans will be rebuilt. Until then my thoughts and prays are with my country. Do not forget the past. Learn from it.

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