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Time’s a flying!

I cannot believe how quickly it has gone.
He went from my little leach to my kick, kick, kicking baby in no time flat! Well, he is still my little leach. But, he is leaching less and Mama is sleeping more, thankfully!

Boy Blue is always smiling. He is the happiest baby I have had so far. He only cries when his sisters are pestering him or he wants to play the leach again. Otherwise, he is perfectly content to sit in Mama’s lap with a smile that would melt even the coldest of hearts.

Oh, and let me tell you what a flirt he is! Oh, my goodness. I cannot take him anywhere without him making eyes at every girl he meets. He is french!

Boy Blue laughs like you would not believe. I call him the kick, kick, kicking baby because he kicks and laughs and gurgles and ahhhh ohhhhs louder and louder until he has your complete attention. Soon, all three babies are ahhh ohhhhing together. Because, when Boy Blue decides to sing he has no worry for backup singers!

He is a charmer this one.

All he has to do to have his sisters at his side in two seconds flat is make any little cry or sound. He has already started pulling their hair, but they do not mind. Somehow it is o.k. whatever bebe does.

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