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Too cold for me

It was freezing cold in Strasbourg today when we went on an errand in the city. Normally, I love visiting Strasbourg for any reason. Not today! I wanted to get back home as soon as I could. The nipping cold air is no fun when you are not used to it any longer. Besides I did not have gloves and now my knuckles are a bit cracked. Thanks, Jack Frost! Oh, how I detest winter. I was born in a warm state and me thinks this is why. Maybe I should put up one of those countdown tickers for the beginning of Spring on From My French Window. I will need to think about if that would depress me more or make me happier to see Spring coming closer day by day. Hmmmm. I don’t know.

Maybe listing what I like about Winter would be better?

Angel Girl will come to visit in a month!
I get to eat croissants dipped in hot chocolate.
I like catching snowflakes on my tongue.
I love to wear snuggly sweaters.
I like hiding from the cold under thick warm covers.
I get to wear warm fuzzy slippers.
There are a zillion and one lights all over the cities and villages for Christmas.
Ohhhhhhh. I cannot forget warm wine and cinnamon crepes that you can find around the Cathedral during the Christmas Market.
The Christmas Market in Strasbourg is wonderful and people come from all over the world to see it.
Christmas with four children!
Ice cream logs that are sold in the grocery only at Christmas (Buche de Noel).
Roasted nuts with caramel from the Marrons all over Strasbourg.
Discovering French holiday food (French food is very special. I very much enjoy trying new recipes).
The Vosges are completely spectacular when covered in snow and the villages and small cities are very, very romantic.

O.k. Now, I feel better and some how not so cold and actually looking forward to enjoying all of the things on my list and more. I am especially happy about Angel Girl coming. Every day we sing, “Angel Girl is coming soon!”
As for the cold, I personally recommend a sleeping baby on your lap. It is even better than a dog on your feet! Both drool! But, baby does not need to be walked even when it is minus 4 degrees outside. Slapping diapers on is much easier!

What do you like or love about Winter? I know some crazy people that get way to excited over freezing their rears off! Are any of you one of those crazy Eskimo wannabes?

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