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During our walk to the park, I heard frantic chirping. Looking up towards the sound, I saw a man leaning out of his large (as windows are in France) kitchen window with a broom. He was trying in vain to gently knock a complaining bird free from where it’s tiny foot was caught in the side of the apartment building. All human eyes were upon him during this first try to aid the bird to freedom. Feeling the stress and embarrasement of his unsuccessful attempt, the man retreated into the depths of the kitchen. The bird continued to flap it’s wings and chirp in pain. I think this was too much for the man and he armed himself with determination and grabbed his broom.

It was dreadful listening to this bird cry out in pain and having no way to help it. The bird was caught three stories (American) up with only this man’s kitchen window close enough to aid it. Really, everything depended on the success of this one man’s skill and gentleness to help save the life of this bird. My entire family of six was stopped watching below with no shame. The sheer helplessness of the bird bound us to our spots putting all common manners aside. Normally, I would never stop and stare at a person standing in their kitchen window. A teenage girl watched from her window above the man’s but she couldn’t reach the bird. Another person, a women, watched from her apartment to the side of the man’s. However, she could do nothing because her apartment was set out further than the man’s and the bird was actually caught on the side of her apartment. She had to lean way out of her window just to catch a glimpse of what the noise was all about.

After about five turns with the broom, the bird finally broke free in a flutter of wings and painfull chirps. We all stood watching this small bird fly off into the sky. My heart was in my throat with happiness. I glanced back up into the eyes of the teenage girl and we shared our happiness for the bird through our eyes. Each person looked to the other with relief and gladness.

One small trapped bird’s chirps of fear and pain trapped the lives of at least 9 humans in it’s plight with destiny. Each flutter of it’s wings made our hearts flutter. Every chirp of pain caused us pain. When the bird’s freedom was found after only minutes that seemed like hours, we were freed from it’s grip to continue in our lives. As it flew high and far away, our hearts flew with it.


Lessons in life are found in the small events as much as in the biggest. I am still wondering about this bird today. I am happy that the man with the broom never gave up. He could have just shut his window because it was only a bird. However, he heard it’s chirps for help and he could not refuse giving it aid any more than he could have if it were a human.

Animals feel pain and need love as does any animal (including humans).

Think about it!

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