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Tricks and treats in April

I had created a small banner which I placed inside this post.  However, I had to take it out because it was messing with the banner of my blog. The title had mouse over in hot pink no less (color can be changed) and linked directly to my photoblog.  With just one click you would have been transported to Alsace photoblog.

I know you would have been impressed. I know you would have been green with jealousy. You are dying to know how I did it…aren’t you?

I will share because I am just such a sweetheart!

Check out Mandarin Design to add that extra touch to your blog. You can see the banner there. I will only warn you that it is very possible to get lost in their website for at least an hour discovering one trick or treat after another.

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  • carra April 29, 2006, 11:53 am

    Or I am completely PC iliterate or I can’t manage to work out the mandarin design tips! I have spent about 2 hours trying to re-design my blog, but nothing came out of. I decided to stick to my old template and let my brother (in the near future) to re-design blog for me! Anyway thanks for sharing Pumpkin it was really generous of you!

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