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Tune in Toyko

tune in tokyo
These are emergency solar phones. I thought they looked funny and so I took a picture.

It makes me think that France is trying to reach E.T. Our world is just so high tech now.

I remember as a kid watching a tiny black and white tv because that is all my parents could afford. My Dad would tease my brother and I that the Flintstones lived inside the set. We begged him to take the back off so we could see them.

Of course we knew he was pulling our legs. We still loved to imagine that maybe it was true. We would stand on our tippy toes peering into the back of that tiny tv taking turns pressing our ears on the sides of it.

My brother told tell me to shhhh. He swore he had just heard Wilma. He spent an entire day trying to convince me that he was not kidding. I told him that if he had have heard any character on the Flintstones living in the tv, it would have been Fred. Everyone knows he is the loud mouth!

It was fun.

I miss my family.

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