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Turquoise Jimmy Choo Sandals

Turquoise Jimmy Choo Sandals
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If you are walking in the center of Strasbourg in the summer or even now on a warm day be prepared to see lots of feet! French women must go to a special doctor that gives out a super lotion or a pill or I don’t know what! Because these women are walking and riding bikes all over the city in various versions of these kind of sandals. OUCH!!! Perhaps french women are born with a special gene that keeps them from experiencing pain from very chic shoes! I wish I had it! I love these kind of shoes but the one time I wore my tan “strappy” sandals with a cutier than cute “french” outfit. I ended the two hour walk limping and whimpering in pain. I just don’t get it! So, back on went the comfy jeans. I did not say baggy. I like to show off my cute american rear like any girl! “American made”! That is me. Which leads me into the next point of my ranting.
My husband and I were talking yesterday about my getting the french citizenship. I told him I would love to be French. Don’t worry no one can take the American out of me! I will have dual citizenship like my children. However, as I have told you, I still am far from fluent in french. I can speak in choppy simple sentences, but “C’est tout”! And it is frustrating. Imagine living in a country with a language limitation. I sometimes feel as if someone is holding my tongue. Literally. Oh, well. No, not “Oh, well!” I must learn to speak french. Because to be French even with a French husband of almost five years and three Franco-American children, I must speak french! It is the only requirement I do not meet and it is probably the most important. Language is the key to understanding and being accepted into a culture. Speaking french would be nice considering having a conversation with Sweet Bears teacher is possible but very limited in vocabulary. Which means. I can’t have the same relationship I had with Angel Girls teachers in the states. O.K. I think it is time for my husband, who does not want to lose his english, to speak to me in french! I know it is easier to speak together in english…you know it is hard to talk about doctors and life plans in chopping bad french. But for the sake of my next piece of conversation. Pretend I can speak french. Let’s pretend I can talk about physics in french. Nevermind that I can’t even in english! But, I can speak french like the best of them! Would I be French? I don’t know? I will always have my accent. The French hear my accent and usually assume I am English. Sometimes I correct them and sometimes not. The thing is I will never be French deep, deep inside like a “real” French. I will never like to eat smelly cheese or snails. I will never know how to tie my scarf in many simple and elegant ways. I will never be able to walk all over the city in heals or ride a bike in heals for that matter! I will never know how to make my mouth into a cute pout. I will never get all the cultural jokes or know all the old French t.v. stars or old French singers. I have come to accept that I will always be the foreigner. I told my husband the French will know my secret as soon as I open my mouth or even sooner if they catch the way I walk or dress. I am American.

His comment to me. “You will be French when you don’t care what others think!” Wow! What a statement! And I think he is right.

So, perhaps in a year I will apply for the French citizenship so that I can actually vote in France! Voting in the country you are living in is important. And, yes, I still vote for American elections even though I don’t “live” in America. I am American and have the duty to vote. Not that my vote made much difference in either of the last elections!

I will do all of the things to make my life in France, “my life”. And along the way I will learn to live. Really live. Enjoying life and not worrying myself about things that don’t matter and will work themselves out anyway. Besides aren’t foreign woman sexy and mysterious with their accents and strange ways? Hmmmmm. Maybe, I should speak in french more with my husband. Because you know what they say about the french?!? It might be fun! I will let you figure it out.

This leads me to my final point and question. I searched all over the internet to find out what the French and other people in the world think about American women. The top hits are only the song “American Woman” and, you may find this funny, the next set of hits are about FRENCH women in comparison to American women!!! There was nothing about how American women are smart and sexy. But, if you are interested in how the French women are soooooo sexy or this or that. You will find hit after hit on the internet talking about just that!

So, can someone tell me how the world sees American women?

I saw on the french t.v. where the french population was asked what nationalities were the sexiest. In first place. Americans. Yeahhhhhh, for me! Next, the Brazilians. And, third. The French. Can you please explain why this little poll is not on the internet in french or english?

We, American women, need some writing about!

Seriously! How will the world know what an American woman is unless she is written about. Besides the french women standing at the gate of my daughters school may wear “strappy” sandals. But, let me tell you, they are in serious need of foot lotion for their dry feet! Not really soooo sexy! So. Maybe people are people the world over. And no one country or culture has the sexiest or the smartest or the best or even the worst this or that, maybe, we are all just people living and dying and loving and learning and going on in our own personal lives just as we are! What do you think?

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