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In France the walls are first wallpapered and then painted.

It is easy to see where Sweet Bear, who is very close to getting her old nickname (the little monster) back, has torn off the paper on one wall in her bedroom. She did this last summer.
Today, she has created a masterpiece on one of her other walls. I was washing dishes and the girls were playing quietly (this should have triggered the Mama alarm) in their room. So, I didn’t check up on them until about half an hour later when I had finished the dishes. Big mistake! In one half hour these two can do the most amazing things. As you can see from the pictures! I immediately got the scrubber and went to town on the wall so it is clean before her father gets home from his new job. He is not as understanding that she is only three.

She sat and watched me scrubbing and when she thought I wasn’t looking, SHE SMILED! She thought it was funny. Ohhhhh, Geezzzzz! What a little brat! I love my children but sometimes I wonder….
I wonder what it would be like not to have them. Thoughts like this mean Mama needs a break! But, when they are at my husbands parents house I cannot stand the quiet. I want the little stinkers back running, screaming and laughing chasing all the quiet right out the window!

Funny thing is… when I first saw the crayon marks covering the entire wall just to the height of a Sweet Bear’s arm length, I asked her why she did it. It was obviously her. Sweet Bear told me, “Petite Clown, did it.” I told her Petite Clown is too short to have made such colorful swoops all the way past the light switch. She smiled her sly little smile that makes me think of her father when he is caught not listening to me and just saying, “Uh, huh” and said, again, “Petite Clown did it.” She then stood on her tippy toes to show me how Petite Clown did it. I am sure Petite Clown assisted. She is always assisting her sister in some adventure. However, Petite Clown is still too short, even on tippy toes, to reach above the light switch. I guess Sweet Bear would have me believe that she sat and merely watched her sister doing all this? Maybe, she only supervised? As if that made it o.k. She has not yet figured out that Mama’s aren’t so easily fooled even with sleep deprivation!

Sweet Bear’s ever faithful assistant in adventurous trickery against Mama, Petite Clown, is working on the sleep deprivation technique, again. The one where if you cry on and off all night for at least three nights in a roll Mama will eventually start to cave. The result is that Mama will be more easily ambushed with toddler trickery.

It seems to be working considering the last few days of missing shoestrings and artful walls not to mention:

-spills of liquids or solids
-beds taken apart
-toys strewn all over the floors and under just about everything
-the game called “let’s undress Boy Blue before Mama comes”
-for the love of hand washing 101 or 911 in my case considering the amount of water on the sink and floor when Sweet Bear is finished or more accurately when Sweet Bear is caught “wet handed”
-happy days a hiding from Mama because I have stolen, yet, another apple or carrot I will eat only two bites of

and many more toddler secret adventures to be discovered later I am sure.

And, why is it every time I go into their room to check on these two they stop whatever they are doing and exclaim, “Mama!” I translate this into a “What? Me? I’m not doing anything! Just sitting here enjoying the view from my boat I made out of the mattress by pulling it onto the floor and do you like my water? It is my blue and green bedspread you just washed yesterday. Looks cool, huh? Do you see my Chester drawers? Those are rocks meant for climbing and the yellow Chinese lantern that was on the ceiling used as a light cover, GONE! It was a sun demon and I drowned it by hitting it over and over with the bedspread of waves until it fell to the ocean floor.
Do ya wanna play, Mama?”

And people say boys are mischievous!

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