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I have a bad habit of getting my views all raveled up and knotted together in my explanations of such views.

especially when I feel strongly about those views.

What I really want to do is unravel myself and learn to explain myself clearly…

without so much emotion.

I tend to carry on too much…I KNOW.

I need to take the time to reflect and educate (myself and others) within reason.
I think I need to reflect on what I am saying and how it will be taken and (perhaps) twisted by others before I let it…
leave. my. mouth. or. my. keyboard.

I see too clearly most of the time.

I read people right dead on even through their words (blog posts and comments). Just as many of you read me and know me…Here and elsewhere.

The thing is I do it with such an uncanny accuracy that it makes me uneasy.
It isn’t really a gift but more of a curse.

No one is perfect.
Not me for sure.

We should just let it fall.

It just isn’t worth it.

I think that even if I am accurate in my first impressions of someone (or what they have said) that doesn’t mean that they aren’t deeper than that or that they can’t change.  I understand that we are all human…
Before everything else.

I hope you give me the same benefit of doubt.

Even if everyone knows I am always right.
Just kidding.  :p


It really doesn’t matter what language we speak, where we live, who we love, what we don’t like, what we like, where we have lived or vacationed, what school we went to, who we married, who we didn’t marry, how well our children do at school, what we do in our free time, or anything AT ALL…

It doesn’t matter.
To anyone.

However, in the end…


but, nothing.


More than…
JUST LIVING EVERY SINGLE DAY IN SPITE OF THE VOICES that will not change our life any old way.


I DARE you and myself TO LIVE!!!

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