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Update on my Emmie Cat

Emmie Cat

We took her to an animal clinic in Delémont and the staff was just perfect. It was all very quick, professional and thorough. She was given two shots to ease the inflammation (if that is what she has) in one of her nipples. I am to give her pills that do the same thing in the morning and night for a week. If this doesn’t work Emmie will have an operation to be spayed and have the lump removed at the same time. Afterwards, the vet will find out what it is and we will go from there. So far, her lump is the same size and we started this all on Wednesday. I am not encouraged by that.

Emmie Cat

I love my Emmie. No matter what, I am hoping this all comes out OK.

Thank you everyone for your concern and well wishes.

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  • Merlin October 6, 2009, 1:56 pm

    She’s beautiful.
    Good luck to her!

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