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Video on Flickr!

Flickr is allowing video to be uploaded to their website by pro account holders.

The videos are more “long photos” than video meaning only the first 90 seconds of any video will be shown.

Can I tell you how excited I am about the ability to upload my vidoes to flickr? It is a great thing to simply upload and share the videos of my kids right along with all the photos on flickr saving family members from having to click all over the internet.

I was jumping for joy until I read the little bit about the 90 seconds limitation. While most of the video I take of the kids are within that limit, others are not. So, I will continue to use dailymotion for storing all my videos and will send out an email invitation to family members to watch the longer videos.  I’ll upload shorter videos of the kids to flickr make it easier for family to keep up with what the kids have been up to.

I would love to see flickr allow pro members to upload longer videos of at least five minutes or have the option to pay for the privilage of uploading longer videos.

I would be willing to pay an extra ten bucks a year for the convenience of sharing and organizing my photos and videos all on one website.

I can’t see why flickr wouldn’t expand this video service as the demand for it grows and the bugs are worked out. Surely, I am not the only person that would be interested in paying for more flickr magic?

Here is a flickr video from the flickr blog spilling the beans.

True to the fun nature of the flickr community there is already a meme group started for video. Here is a link to Fridgets (Is that a camera in your fridge?).

Click here to read the post on the flickr blog explaining it all.

Flickr video FAQs

Flickr group: Video! Video! Video!

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