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Views from my French window

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Here are some views from a few of my windows. Not bad, huh? It actually looks even better in real life. Like now. The wind is blowing the leaves on the trees and you can see people going I don’t know where up and down the steet all day long. The houses on the street are all around one hundred years old. There is a church at one end of the street with a clock on it. Nice. I can see the time and enjoy the view! There is a small park for children behind the church. In France, there are parks for everyone everywhere…….good thing, right? Bad thing. The dogs like them as well. Come to think of it the dogs like the sidewalks just as much. In France “dog doo” is just a part of life. You have history and beauty all around you. My advice. Get “dog doo” radar! Because, as you are walking looking up and all around yourself at the wonderful beautiful sites you will most likely find a little bit of France (so to speak) on the bottom of your shoe. Another fascinating thing about France is how in the heck do they get their small cars in even smaller parking spots. Let me tell you there is an art to this and the french are very inventive with their parking! You will see cars parked with half an inch of space between the car in front and the car in back. You will see cars parked on the sidewalks (thats when I understood sidewalks were not just a dog thing). If there was a way to park a car on top of a building the french would find it! All in all these things grow on you. It is kinda like if you were to lose your spouse you would miss all the things that drove you crazy. France is really like a woman. You get to know her and love her in spite of her little flaws.

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  • Lissi September 15, 2005, 1:47 pm

    Aaaw… I used to live in Strasbourg! I moved there when I first moved away from home when I was 19. Brings back memories! I used to run into American students all the time.

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