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Walking is good for the soul

We took a long walk yesterday. It made me happy. I had missed American nature which is free and unkept by man. We walked along Miami river where a bike trail is being built. There are bike trails all over this part of Ohio not unlike Strasbourg. We are just missing the bikes. No matter…We have strollers and feet.

I really love to walk and am very happy to have such a great trail to follow along the river. We can go to different cities to walk seeing new things just as we did in Strasbourg.

I have a new appreciation of America as I look through wiser eyes. America is beautiful…just beautiful. As my husband often remarks while reflecting on nature in America…”America is wild!” I don’t know why, but I love when he says it with his eyes so wide and full of life. I see his love and admiration of my country in those moments. He is Franco-American, too. We are a mixture of our two countries and we can never go back to the before.

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