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Walking the Jura

Our Sunday walk

I have created a new flickr set, Walking the Jura (click on link to visit it). The images above can be found there. I will add more pictures to this set as we walk the Jura more.

Typically, on Sunday we head out to some village from our village. The best way to see and enjoy a region or city is to walk through it.

We walked to Les Muriaux, Switzerland this past Sunday. It was the perfect day for walking. It was warm but the breeze was cool. For about three hours we walked through farms, nature, cows, horses and watched birds flying above. The sky was fantastic with huge fluffy white clouds against a deep blue sky. It was fabulous.

The village of Les Muriaux is cute. It is a village located in the middle of a cow field. Each house has a fence of some kind to keep out the cows.

Les Muriaux, Jura, Switzerland

In the back of the picture above you can see the cows roaming around freely. We walked right past them coming into and through the village.

Les Muriaux, Jura, Switzerland

Even the school has the school yard gated off so that the cows are not able to enter.

We stopped at a restaurant in the village to rest. The kids and Vilay had some fries and a coke while I enjoyed a coffee and the view. It is beyond description how beautiful it is here in the Jura.

I love living in the mountains. I am never bored.

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  • expatraveler September 3, 2007, 2:18 pm

    I agree that the coolest thing to do on a Sunday in Switzerland is to go for a hike or walkabout and to enjoy the outdoors. Thanks for taking all of the beautiful photos. And I agree, the Jura region is so beautiful. I didn’t get to explore that region enough!

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