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Warm breeze with blue skies

I want to thank the person that left me the comment below. You were just the warm breeze this girl needed to dry off quickly from my tumble out of my canoe! Thank you.

I started blogging to have a “window” to the world outside my private life in France as an expat. Sometimes, I feel so isolated and alone staying at home with my children that I forget there is a real world out there.

Recently, my husband lost his job which has caused some problems on the homefront. We are working through all of this and thankfully we live in France during this trying time. In America, the story would be much more complicated. For example, all of us have had to go to the doctor because of a nasty virus. I, being the lucky one, got a sinus infection which causes my eye ball to feel like it is going to pop out and shoot across the room every single time I bend down to pick up Boy Blue. In France, our family has medical coverage even without a job. In America, it would be more like, “Good luck with your popping eyeball of pain! You are on your own.” But, that is a whole other blog topic for another day. The other thing that happened which I think was the straw that broke this camels back is my Sweet Bear brought home little crawling friends from school. I have cleaned and combed hair every single day for over a week. And will continue combing at least until this Mama feels like she does not have something crawling on her. It is hard not to have this feeling when all you have to do is think lice and ohhhhhhh….Scratch, scratch, scratch. All the laundry had to be rewashed and ironed. It took me four days to do the laundry alone. The fact that I had to delouse a three year old and two year old is a whole other story. Geez, I felt like the evil mother torturing her children for hours everyday with a simple metal comb. Now, all these kids need to see is Mama with metal comb in hand and they hide. They usually hide UNDER something so that means I, with my eyeball from hell, must bend down and drag them out and into the bathroom while they are screaming, “NO, Mama! I no want it!” I don’t even want to know what the neighbors are thinking.
Anyway, last night was it! I just felt like I could not take it any longer. The popping eyeball, lice chasing, and no family income with three kids to feed and I am not going to allow myself to worry about the fact that Angel Girl is coming in two weeks. Nice Christmas, huh!?!

Then, today I got onto my blog…because, yes, I am addicted and read the message I have pasted below.

“Hola ~~I appreciate you sharing this with us being strangers, it is bold and it is caring. I believe that sharing is caring.
I love children esp. when they are that young, so pure and innocent… though when those little horns start growing watch out! My Maternal-Grandmother, who was Catholic, had around 15 children… so lots of youngsters in my family.
I have a social-political type blog, am new to blogging and after seeing yours I believe I will start a Personal Type Blog for kind of a therapy. Usually, I scan and report on the News and it ain’t always good.”

Blessings Of Love to You and All Your Loved Ones~~
Sacramento, California, USA

If your grandmother survived 15 children, I can find strength in that! I can only imagine lice in that household! Thinking about this, I smiled and remembered that all of this will pass and I will laugh it off later. My favorite French saying, “C’est la vie!”
Bless you for taking the time to leave such a kind message and reminding me that the whole purpose in blogging is therapy. My blog is not just words sitting in cyberspace. From my French window is a part of my life now. This blog is my connection to the world. If I had wanted to just “write” down events, thoughts or personal feelings for just myself a good old fashioned diary and pen would have worked just fine. No, it is for the personal interaction with people all over the world that I sit in front of a computer and type. It is so that I can touch others with my words and they can in turn give something back to me.

I need this blog.

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