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We still love Zidane and his magic feet

Angel Girl has been so excited about the World Cup and that France made it to the end. After the match last night I turned to look at her and she had tears in her eyes. She said, “I can’t believe we lost.” I almost cried myself to see her so hurt and disappointed.

She really is beginning to feel French. (You can see her post here.)

Time will tell if she will still be a Zidane fan or not. I am betting she will still think he has magic feet. She is always saying to me, “Zidane has magic feet, Mama!”

The last time she talked to her father in America he told her in a sacastic voice, “I can see your French patriotism.” She wants to get a French shirt to wear off the plane just to annoy her father. I am not sure why she is wanting to annoy him so much with France but I am sure it won’t be hard. He will not like his little American girl showing her French side. He is going to have to understand her family is French as much as American. She is Franco-American at heart.

Now, she dreams of an autograph from Zidane…

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