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I voted in the 2008 Webware 100 Awards

What is Webware all about? Here is the explanation I found on their website.

Webware.com is the site where computer users can learn about new and useful Web applications.

I heart flickr, google mail, google reader, dailymotion, youtube, firefox, opera, wordpress, drupal and stumbe!.

I use most of these Web applications on a daily basis.
The cool thing is that all of these are free. We all like freebies. Right?

On Webware.com I can read about all the new Web applications that are out there.

I spent about half an hour browsing through their archives and found a few I had never heard about before. I, then, took a few minutes to vote for my favorite Web applications listed in different categories on Webware 100. Webware 100 is where users get to vote for the Webware applications that are most important to them. Click here to vote for yours.

Of course, there is a point where it becomes an overload. I have signed up for dozens of applications in the past only to use the few I listed above. However, if I hadn’t tried them I wouldn’t have known about them.

Yesterday, I deactivated my facebook page because I never use it. I didn’t like my real information sitting out there when it wasn’t something that was important to me. Yet, others find facebook useful in their lives.

The point is there are many Web applications out there. Each day more and more are created. I am all for taking a test drive but find that I rarely use them more than once. Out of the twenty I come across, only one will become a part of my life.

The one that became important to me.

For all you bloggers, I would like to share the newest application that I am using. Recently, I found BlogBackupOnline. We all know it is important to make sure you backup all your hard work. Your blog is no different. BlogBackupOnline is free while in beta (up to 50mb of storage space). I use the WordPress database backup plugin which emails me a backup of my blog once a week. Bluehost backs it up as well. However, if Bluehost hiccups and for some reason the backup plugin doesn’t come through. I am secure knowing I have a backup available at BlogBackupOnline. Another bonus is that a backup is done daily. So, no posts are lost.

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  • Pardon My French February 29, 2008, 9:29 am

    You are certainly more webaware than I am. Thanks for the tip about BlogBackupOnline.

  • Pumpkin February 29, 2008, 2:27 pm

    Pardon My French, You are welcome!

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