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What the heck is the Pinky Show?

I adore Pinky. He sits in my sidebar waiting to greet an inquisitive mouse. If he successfully catches the mouse he carries it carefully to his website where the mouse is let free to scurry around and explore.

The mouse is encouraged to nibble.

Below is an example of what you may find on the Pinky Show. There are a variety of subjects covered. While you may not always agree with everything the Pinky Show has taken a great deal of time to research and present to an audience (see the Angry Frog below) I am sure you will never be bored.

It is even more certain you will not escape without learning something interesting. I assure you that many of the subjects are worth chewing on a while.

Thomas Edison Hates Cats.


The Angry Frog in response to Thomas Edison Hates Cats. Gotta love the internet!


Here is a video that explains what the Pinky Show is all about.


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  • expatraveler September 3, 2007, 2:22 pm

    That is pretty cool. Funny how they are from California. I’ve never watched any of their short clips but it looks catchy! I can see how you enjoy it.

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