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What we did over Christmas break without a computer

I am still trying to catch up from the time we spent offline for a whole week and a half at Christmas. I have gotten to all the emails that were important but still need to delete the rest. I have processed all the photos that were sitting on the digital cameras waiting to be transferred to the computer. I still need to get those uploaded to flickr so my family can see the photos of the kids opening up all their presents.

Yesterday, I finally got my new printer installed. The one that Vilay bought me for Christmas so that I could print out pictures. Pictures that I will send off to family, friends and hopefully I will sell a few. :)

Below are the last of the photos from Christmas that I had wanted to share with you all.

But, before we get to the photos I wanted to talk about what we did over Christmas break without a computer.

SO….What do you do when you have no computer for entertainment? You watch more tv, clean more, go for long walks, snuggle with your husband and children more, you play cards, you play board games (even Vilay is now addicted to Trouble) and you  TALK  more. I found myself talking with my children and husband much more than when we had a computer.

What I have noticed since getting the computer back is that now Vilay and I don’t sit at the computer as much as we did before. We do what we feel we need to do and get off. We appreciate our time AWAY from the computer more. I think that we had to have it taken away to see and appreciate all the little special moments that our computer time was letting slip away.  We needed to see that those moments are fun and important, too.  :)

My seven year old daughter made this to hang on the tree. She is very artsy.

My six year old daughter made this for the tree after she saw what her older sister had made.

Of course, our four year old son wouldn’t want to be left out. He drew a very nice photo of Santa!

My six year old daughter brought home a tiny Christmas tree from Kindergarten. She had made the paper decorations at school and it was beautiful. We still keep it in the living room.

My seven year old daughter made this Christmas star in her first grade class. It is very festive and I will hang it out every Christmas from now until forever. :)

My mother and brother sent us decks of Bicycle playing cards.  We, now, have four decks. The kids and I have spent hours playing war (the card game) and Rummy.

I was surprised how quickly the kids caught on to playing card games and I am embarrassed to admit that my seven year old regularly beats me at Rummy.  Oh and our six year old wins almost every single game of Trouble!  Playing games with the kids is so much fun but it is a great way for them to learn to be good sports.

At the beginning, it was a little difficult because each time one of the kids lost they either cried or threw things.  Now, they cry less and have stopped the throwing.  Once my son got mad that he was losing at Candy Land to his sisters and angrily swept all the cards and playing pieces off the board before he stomped off crying to his room.  I had to snicker at him because I knew he’d be back.  Fifteen minutes later all three of them were playing again with the understanding that no one would get mad again.  :)

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  • Anne January 24, 2010, 4:50 pm

    Hello Pumpkin..oh so true, we just drift along and the computer takes up so much of the time. I think it is so great that you talked with your husband and children, and I do believe that it was meant to be, so that you got back together in the family way.

    I do not have children at home, and most of the time neither is my husband at home, so I would go mad if I didn’t have the computer…I talk to my friends more than anyone..even the rest of my family are not about.

    We used to play cards all the time when my Granny was alive, it was the “family” thing…now my mum tries to keep it going. We played Rummy too! I can understand the frustrations when it comes to children playing..oh boy, I cannot imagine my 6 year old or 4 year old grandsons playing, it would be like chaos..

    What sort of printer did your husband get you? Is it good?

    Take care and have a good week :-)

  • expatraveler January 24, 2010, 6:22 pm

    I think the coolest thing about having children in school, especially around Christmas time is all of the cool stuff they make they bring home..

    What great photos and yes a lesson on how much we are addicted to electronics or even the tv for that matter.

    These are such great photos of course. And the card games, yeah for them!

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