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What’s up with that?

The first time I watched Eurovision with my husband I was very excited to have a chance to see performers from several European? countries and hear performers sing songs in their own languages.

Yeah, right! Almost all of the participants sang popular songs in English with horrible accents that made the hairs on my head stand.

Horrible! And, disappointing. The few participant’s that didn’t get aboard the singing English boat from Hell and actually sang in their own language with music based on traditional sounds from their own countries were awesome!

Another thing that bugs me about all this Eurovision, etc.

Can anyone explain to me why Turkey and Israel are participates in the Eurovision?

I have nothing against Turkey or Israel. However, when exactly were these two countries plucked out of their usual resting places on the map or in history (clearly not in Europe) and placed within Europe? I must of missed that one!

Also, Turkey, Israel and several other countries that are not exactly European participate in the Miss Europe beauty pageant. WHY?

Again, I don’t really have a problem with these countries.

But, don’t we have the Miss World or the Miss Universe pageant for those countries that are not European?

Shouldn’t Eurovision and Miss Europe be limited to…well…Europe? Oh, fine if we just gotta have em’ in there…put ’em in there. But, shouldn’t the name of the pageant be changed to reflect the added countries to something like–The Miss Whoever wants in Pageant?
New name for Eurovision is: Who can sing in English with the biggest and most God awful off key accent because they cannot speak in English let alone sing in it? Vision? What vision is that? My eyes cross just thinking about it!

I know it’s political. That’s what bothers me.

It all comes down to the European Union.

I think if Turkey or other technically non-European countries are to be allowed to enter the European Union, then fine!
But, it is not a European Union at this point and the name must be changed. Period.

My contributions are below:

The Bigger the better Union

Never enough Union

What’s a country or two more Union

Let’s take on the world Union

Don’t stop now Union

Let the whole world in Union

Union of the Universe

The Union of all unions

I got a great big ol’ Union here

The World is my Union

Let’s all be friends Union

Ring around the Union

We’re just one happy family Union

Don’t mess with this Union

The very stuffy Union

and my personal favorites…..
drum roll, please!

The more the merrier Union
It just keeps getting better…hmmm.. no, bigger Union

Go ahead! Have some fun and make your contributions. Don’t be shy!

If I get enough responses I can post the best of them and we can vote on the best of the best new name for the current European Union.

Come on it’ll be fun!

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