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When a house hit me


This is how I have felt for the past five days! I know it is not a great picture. However, if you look real close you will see that this is a witch who flew into the side of a house. All three of my babies and I have been sick. First, Sweet Bear got the runny nose that she usually keeps all winter long. Normal. But, I knew it was not the run of the mill cold when she was not running across the couch or climbing on and off the back of my NEW chair or jumping off the little table she and Petite Clown like to sit at or on…or why was it that she had not gotten into the drawers pulling everything out into the floor or her new favorite…scribbling on the walls, t.v., door, or floor with her crayons?

She was just laying on the couch watching the news. I knew it was serious then! She was watching the news instead of screaming at me that she wants to watch cartoons. She gets upset when there are no cartoons. She expects me to magically make cartoons appear on the t.v. In case you did not know. Mama can do everything! Just let me fetch my magic wand out of my purse and POOF!!! Tom Cruise standing before me in my underwear…ohhhh. Right. That is what I want to watch! Well, anyway. No cartoons. Just the news and my sick child. I don’t know why but every single time some bug goes through the house it starts with Sweet Bear then hits Petite Clown and finally settles on me. My husband usually is not part of this “yicky sicky” circle. However, Boy Blue has been initiated! Great! So, for the past four nights I have had one baby after the other waking up and crying for Mama at all hours of the night. It was like they worked it out together as a way to break Mama and take over. Welp, they did. Mama is one tired pup! The only thing is I am not a pup. I am the Mama. And, Mama takes care of everything and everyone. Including….you guessed it. Mama.

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