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When it rains it pours

I logged into the Florida certification website last night after work like I have each and every day for the past month.  I have been anxiously waiting for an update to my application stating I am eligible to teach in Florida.  I could then get hired by a school and afterwards I would have to get a temporiary teaching certificate.

After I logged in with my user name and password, I clicked the link for the status of my application expecting to see “awaiting review” as I have since October 22. 

I didn’t.  I saw “not eligible.” 

I sat in disbelief.  I have a four year degree and I have a alternate teaching certificate from the McGregor School of Antioch.  I thought that I had met the basic qualifications to at least be hired and within two years complete additional course work.  I am going to try and call Monday after I get off work.  My mind and heart are going to race until then. 

If I really cannot teach in Florida then I will look into taking classes in Ohio to get recertified here.  I pray that I can.

If not I don’t know what I will do.  There is a pre-school that may hire me next year making 9 dollars an hour.  That is not much money and the school closes in summer. 

Honestly, I am at a point where I can only wait to see the things that are open to me and Vilay.  Once we know more then we can make a decision. 

To say the least I am stunned for the moment.

Whatever we decide we will not stay in Ohio more than another year.  This I am sure of!

Oh, and if anyone reading this would like to hire an intelligent hardworking American woman to work in France…email me! 

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  • Alison December 10, 2006, 2:49 am

    Oh, jeez. I have trouble believing you would not be eligible!

    Do keep us posted. And don’t forget, Kentucky is a pretty nice place to live. I prefer it to Ohio…

  • Pumpkin December 10, 2006, 3:02 am


    I have lived in Kentucky when I was around 15. I liked it. I was not too far from where you are now. We lived in London, Kentucky and I still have some family that live there today.

    I love the Kentucky mountains during fall! Beautiful.

  • Cheryl December 10, 2006, 6:04 am

    Hi There,
    I found your site while searching for a Santa (Pere Noel?) to hang outside of my home. I saw them on every home and shop last year when I visited France…, can’t seem to find a place to order one.., but enough about me. I don’t know the least bit about what you are searching for, but it seems to be a teaching position. I might recommend Philadelphia which is where I live. It’s vibrant, exciting, a small town but yet a big city. They are desperate for teachers and they pay “”OK”- (suburbs pay more, but in terms of living $$, you’ll be fine). If Vilay is French, he might LOVE PHL- we have a significant expat population here and a number of French companies. Feel free to email if you think I can help. Happy Holidays! Cheryl

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