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Who’s that girl???

REALLY? Click here and follow the step by step instructions to unveil this girl’s real face.
I think she was prettier in the before picture.

What do you think?
Perfectly imperfect
Jamie Lee Curtis in
MORE magazine/September
Jamie Lee in More
Jamie Lee as herself ( no lights, no makeup, no retouching).
She is a true example of a naturally beautiful woman. She is brave and fearless. She is my personal role model. I wish more young girls would identify with women that are real and not like the airbrushed cover girls on the front of most magazines.
Photo: MORE magazine/September
Where are these guys when I get ready in the morning?
Photo: MORE magazine/September
Let’s face it I am not the thin girl I used to be. Not that I was ever really glamorous either. I have always been more the girl next door than the girl on the front of a magazine. I don’t wear much make-up. I believe make-up is for enhancing our finer features not covering up our not so wonderful features. I don’t care for shiny or flashy jewelry or clothes.

I like to keep things natural.

After having four babies, three of which were born in the last four years, and the fact that I am getting closer to 36 every single day does not help my bodies fight against gravity.

In my mind, I am still 20 something. However, the little wrinkles around my eyes and the way my body likes to jiggle a little more each year, despite the fact that I am thinner now than I have been in several years, reminds every day that I am getting older. It just is more and more work every year to stay “together”.

I want to share some of what I have come to realize more and more as little by little my body loses it’s battle with gravity. Since embarking upon my womanhood some 17 years ago, I have come to understand and practice these guidelines.

Simplify your life.
Love yourself more than anyone else. If you can’t really love yourself you can’t really love others.
When you look in the mirror see your beauty and charm like others do. They don’t see your imperfections as much as they see your light.
So, shine! Just shine and don’t worry about looking like a model. In real life those models don’t even look like the pictures taken of them.

Everyone has imperfections on the inside and out. The important thing is that we try to be a better person.
I want people to remember me for the kind of person I was and not how nice my hair or makeup looked.

Remember, beauty radiates from the INSIDE!

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