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Winter refused to leave

Snow printsSnow rests on my mountains.

Spring is napping off in other parts.

I am watching small flakes of snow drifting slowly down past my living room window. The smell of carrot bread baking in the oven warms the apartment.

The children are playing on the floor. Lunch is over. Dishes are done.

I am sipping my hot coffee as I type this. It is needed to keep me going throughout the rest of the day. Last night, I coughed myself awake for the fourth night. I am tired.

There are no sick days for stay at home mothers.

Yesterday was a long, long day. Dark with winter cold.

My heart is singing spring while my body brushes Winter’s cold hands away.

I am not alone.

Yesterday, at the bus stop a mother’s face was not happy when she announced that she was sick of winter weather when it is Spring. Her son ran in front of her full of energy almost jumping into the school bus. He loves snow.

As she came up to our small group of parents stomping the cold out of our feet, she gave me knowing advice. She told me that I shouldn’t bother to pack away the kids snow pants because they are needed all year round here in the Jura. Everyone stood in agreement. Winter is long in our mountains.

While I know that she was teasing about it snowing all year long in the Jura, I do know that the weather is mild here.

We moved to Switzerland at the start of summer last year. All summer the weather was cool. Of course, there were a few days that we could wear shorts and tank tops but honestly it was still safe to wear long pants with a tee shirt. It is never really summer here as I knew it in Ohio or Strasbourg.

I remember a day in the nineties on the tram in Strasbourg. Each person’s body odor was fighting to dominate the others. I had to hold my breath at a point in order not to be ill. Deodorant was no match for the glaring sun minus adequate air conditioning.

Not once did we even come close to a day like that since moving to the Jura.

Summers are perfect here in the mountains. It is warm but not too hot.

So, I am happy to entertain Winter as a guest for a bit longer knowing that when Spring does arrive here in the Jura she will be well rested and gentle in her manners. Summer will come in no hurry and warm our bones just long enough so that we don’t forget her. Then, our good friend Winter will come and park himself at our door making us step over him each time we go out.

I asked Winter politely to move aside so I can come and go as I please. However, winter refused to leave until he is good and ready.

So goes the cycle of life in the Jura.

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  • patdem April 8, 2008, 7:42 pm


  • sissi April 8, 2008, 7:50 pm

    this post is scaring me! I mean no summer!!! My closet is full of summer clothes and cute summer dresses. Argh…

  • Pumpkin April 8, 2008, 8:11 pm

    Patdem, I am but it is getting harder. :) Yet, after saying that I do still think the snow is pretty here on the mountains. Today, we watched a huge bird flying over our village with the snow covered mountains behind. It was like out of a movie.

    You will be ok with summer clothes. It won’t be as hot as what you are used to but it is warm enough to get away with summer shorts and dresses. However, you can still wear pants if you want. It did rain almost daily in June of last year but it was uncommon. At night sometimes I would find a summer sweater to pull on but I didn’t mind. However, it does get colder here sooner and last a little longer.

    I am from Ohio and in the summer it gets to be so humid and hot that it is impossible to go outside. So, I am used to the complete opposite of here.

    We like it in the summer here because it is hot enough but not so hot that you can’t do things outside.

    I think it is harder for me because this is our first year in the Jura and I don’t know what the seasons are really like. After a couple more years, I will be accustomed to the changes and it will be more natural. I will know when Spring comes and stop looking for her too soon. :)

    Don’t let this post worry you. I am still happy living here and don’t want to move even in spite of a longer winter than I am used to. :)

  • Cathy Y. April 8, 2008, 8:48 pm

    Can I move there for the summer? :-) I hate the heat and humidity here in Tennessee.

  • Pumpkin April 9, 2008, 10:17 am

    Cathy, Angel told me it is pretty bad in the summer. I can’t imagine it being worse than in Ohio but she told me it is. :(

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