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Yesterday and today in photos

Yesterday, Vilay and I took a walk with our son around the village. We found sheep with lambs. Cute overload. Our girls were at a friends house playing so we decided to come back that night after dinner to show the girls. We didn’t forget our camera.

Vilay took all the sheep and lamb photos.  I took the rest.

The black sheep has two lambs and the white sheep has one. All are adorable.

Just look at her face. She is so sweet!!!

These lambs are so cute I could just eat them up…hehehe.

My youngest daughter was very excited to explain to me that the baby drinks from it’s mama because it is thirsty. She went on, “Mama. When I was a baby I drank from you when I was thirsty and it was good.” Not sure she really remembers her nursing but it is nice that she thinks it was a good thing. :)

I just crack up every time I see these signs. I think this one is the worst yet with the dog gritting teeth and shaking all over. :s

Was very excited to find meat on sale fifty percent off at the grocery today! Missed the horse sign on this package. grrr. The other one was cow meat. I will let you wonder if the horse meat ended up in the trash or in someone’s tummy.

What it looks like outside our windows right this moment.

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  • Marianne McKee-Wellinger May 16, 2010, 7:42 pm

    Don’t knock the “viande de cheval”. It is real tasty, and when I was a kid, much more ecomonical than beef, and much tenderer. Yes, the idea is hard to overcome – I sure hope you tste it. I was 13 when my parents moved the family back to Neuchâtel… was hard, but I adapted. There was a boucherie chevaline in one of the back streets, and yes, we did eat the meat. Austriche meat is also good. bonne apétit!, Marianne

    • Pumpkin May 16, 2010, 9:13 pm

      I actually ate the horse meat much to the displeasure of my French hubby. :) He didn’t even want to watch me eat it.

      You are right it is very tender and very good. I find that the older I get I am not as reluntant to try new foods.

      Neuchâtel is one of my favorite cities. I think it would be hard to move country at 13 but how exciting it must have been as well.

      Thank you for your comment and I hope to hear from you again soon.

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