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You call that French?

sweet bear
I just wanted to see Sweet Bears reaction to my speaking in French with no English whatsoever. All other times I speak to her only in English or say one or two words in French. Never more than one sentence in French. Even then I follow with the same sentence said again in English.

Lately, she has been listening very intently when I speak to my husband in French which I have finally been able to do more and more lately! Progress! It is about freaking time this language starts clicking in my head a little.

So, I began speaking to her in French and she just stared at me like, “What the heck.” So, I asked her in French if she liked when I spoke to her in French? Immediately, she shook her head no. I asked her in French if she liked it better when I spoke in English? Yes, she said outloud. So, I ask her in French,”Why”. She did not even hesitate.

“You sound funny. You funny, Mama.”

She tumbled over into my lap in a fit of laughter obviously a little to pleased with herself. I just kissed her soft hair and fingered the curls on the end while asking myself if I can ever really speak French when even my three year old laughs at me when I try.


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