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You know you have been married to long when…

I might as well be speaking Chinese to my husband. I would have the same response.
H mm. U mm.
Head shaking yes.

You don’t believe me?
One day I could tell he was not listening to me and he just shook his head yes and said, “yes.” So, I being my tricky self started speaking in a made up language. I started with something like, “Hucha chuch gumma lemma?”

And, my husband said, “Yeah” and shook his head yes.

When I started laughing very hard he finally woke out of his male remote control surfing stupor and asked, “What?” I asked him if he heard what I had just said and of course he said that he had. When I asked him what I had just said he put a sheepish grin on his face and replied, “The usual.” So, I asked him did the usual sound like, “Hucha chuch gumma lemma?” He looked at me and said, “What’s that?” I replied, “That is what I just said to you.”
He had to smile. To bad it is not the first time I got him with that.

I have even walked in front of the t.v. completely nude only to have my husband wave me out of the way of the television screen as he laughed at the programs punch line. During the first year of marriage if I would have done that he would have ditched the remote and paid proper attention to his beautiful wife.
Definitely married to long.
To bad I do not have a remote control for my husband.

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