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A real day out of my life

One day.
Out of my life.
How it went and will go…hopefully. :D

Have a super great day, everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Menu du jour:

Breakfast – Tartine with Nutella and butter.   Tea for the kids.  Coffee for the Mama.

School snack – Brioche.  Capri-Sun.

Lunch – Risotto with peas.  Sliced ham.   Gherkin.  Water or milk.  Afterwards, a fruit or yogurt.  Or both.

4 O’ clock snack – Fruit.  Juice.  Tartine or cookies.

Dinner – Vegetable quiche. Corn salad (I love).  Water or milk.  Afterwards, a fruit/ yogurt depending on what the kids ate after lunch.

The kids usually eat another fruit before bedtime.  I let them.

Grass soup that my kids made during our vacation in Strasbourg this summer. They had set up an entire restaurant.

How I spend my day…

I get up and drink coffee first thing after visiting the little girls room.
I get breakfast on the table and make tea with honey and milk for the kids.
I get dressed.
I yell at the kids to get dressed as soon as they are finished eating.
I make their snack for school.
I make up the beds.
I give the cat food and water.
We all brush our teeth, wash our faces and comb our hair.
They put their snacks in their bags and get their jackets and shoes ready.
They watch a little t.v. if they were quick getting ready.
We get on our jackets and shoes.
I get them all off to school.
I do a little grocery shopping.
I come home and put it all away.
I clean up the apartment.
I clean out the litter box.
I search online for a job.
I read what I can as far as blogs go.
I don’t have time to comment on other blogs like I wish I did.
I poke in and out of facebook to see what my family is up to.
I start to cook lunch.
I clean some more.
I set the table.
I start Vilay’s coffee so it is cool enough to drink quickly before he goes back to work. He, now, eats lunch at home with us each day.
I take out the garbage on my way to get the kids.
Some days, I have coffee with friends or neighbors and don’t do any of the above after I get the kids off to school. :)
Those days we eat sandwiches or soup for lunch.
I meet the girls in front of their school and we go pick up my son. He loves that.
We come home and eat.
I clean up.
Everyone cleans their faces, brushes their teeth and hair.
Then, whoever needs to go back to school does.
The rest of us play inside or visit with other kids and mothers out on the playground.
Whoever has homework and didn’t go back to school does it now.
I poke around some more online.
Vilay comes home and whoever went back to school comes home.
Homework battle begins right after 4 o’clock snack time.
For some reason it is harder to get them to do homework after they come home later. After lunch, it is no problem.
I break up fights (many times during the day).
I drink lots and lots of coffee (all day long).
I cook dinner while the kids play outside or (in case of rain) in their rooms and Vilay takes a bath.
We eat dinner.
I clean up the apartment.
The kids clean up all their toys and bikes left in the playground.
I give the kids their bath.
They play a little in their rooms.
They clean up their rooms.
We all brush our teeth and visit the toilet.
I get the kids off to bed with a short story in English and one in French.
We talk a little.
They go to sleep (usually) around 8 P.M. Last night, it was 9 P.M. because they had friends over until 6 P.M.
I have coffee with Vilay.
I take a shower and put on my night clothes.
I may watch t.v. with Vilay or poke around on the computer with him.
I go to bed by 11 P.M. at the very latest on school nights.
I am exhausted.

Do our days ALWAYS go like that???

No.  I am not the kind of mother that has to have a schedule or gets upset if my kids get chocolate on their clothes.  I expect my kids to LIVE and to be KIDS.  So, I adjust our daily schedule to them and to their father (he isn’t always ready to take a bath when he normally does).  I am flexible.

I am raising my children to be flexible as well.

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  • Hexe September 8, 2010, 12:46 pm

    I love the image of everyone coming home together for lunch. It is so not an option here as school is 20+ minutes by car and Hubby’s work is 30 minutes away, and I am sure that there are some days you’d be happy for a few more minutes of silence. Enjoy it for those who live in a world where a week day family lunch no longer exists.

  • expatraveler September 9, 2010, 2:17 am

    I love the lunch together concept and playing outside… In some ways the schedule is a dream, but definitely mom does need a break from time to time from all of that work! ;-)

    • Pumpkin September 13, 2010, 12:57 pm

      I am tired today. I cleaned all day yesterday and somehow haven’t managed much today beyond homemade soup for lunch. It took me a total of 15 minutes to cut up all the veggies and throw them in the pot! lol

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