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Flu bug bit hard

I had the flu all of last week.  So did the kids. It was no fun.

Then, the computer decided to die.  That was even less fun.

I decided to try it out today and miracle of miracles…It is working.  For the moment.

Monday, we bought a new MacBook Pro.  I have had it with PCs.

We will see how much it will cost to get our old computer (an HP) fixed.  We will if it isn’t too expensive.  I hope it isn’t because it would be nice to have two computers.

Some images from the last few weeks…

Emmie Cat is so sweet that she will actually let my youngest daughter push her around in her babydoll stroller. Or perhaps, Emmie is just that afraid to move. :D

We celebrated a birthday. Someone is now eight years old. She is so big!

Les Bois, Switzerland. :) Beautiful.

A giant bubble in Bern, Switzerland.

A park in Bern, Switzerland.

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  • might i add...? November 6, 2010, 10:26 pm

    Feel better soon, all of you!

    We’ve been sick, too… currently strep throat. NOT fun.

    Anyway, going with a Mac… GREAT idea! Make sure you get Apple Care, too. It is totally worth the extra $150 or $200 or whatever. They have fixed my computer several times… once from spilling coffee on it several times! Plus, they’ll give you phone support, and you can take the computer in. The last time I needed a new fan, and I gave it to them on Friday after 5 pm, and it arrived AT MY HOUSE on Tuesday morning. So worth it.

    Enjoy the Mac. I totally recommend the Apple software, too… iWork has word processing, spreadsheets, and powerpoint-type presentations. With it, you can upload files to the web and share them so easily, even password-protected if you want. And iWeb is fantastic for making websites, and I could go on and on….

    Anyway, what I really came by to say was… feel better soon, Tracy!

  • Imperatrice November 7, 2010, 11:20 am

    Enjoy the Mac! We made the switch four years ago and never looked back on pc’s!


  • expatraveler November 7, 2010, 4:46 pm

    Glad you are on the mend. I keep having issues with my laptop as well. They just aren’t built to last. My mac lasted about 1 year longer but for now, I just hate how much software (Extra) that you have to buy for a MAC, especially for doing photography. I’m nearly ready for another computer of some sort but I think we might wait seeing that we are having a little one coming our way in March.

    Your pics are stunning and it just made me go awee.. I would love to go on an outing like that to Bern. And – I’m noticing your son is growing! :-)

  • Anne November 7, 2010, 7:58 pm

    Hi Pumpkin soooo sorry you have all been ill , what a nightmare that must of been for you :-( so hope everyone is on the road to recovery now :-) xx

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