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Who is Pumpkin Pie?

Hi, my name is Pumpkin Pie. Well, not really. I used Pumpkin Pie as an alias. I came up with the name after I read some of my first entries where I talked about missing pumpkin pie and being homesick.

My real name is Tracy.  :)

You see…When I started this weblog I was living in France. I was missing my family back home and all those American homecooked dishes. What I missed most wasn’t apple pie. It was pumpkin pie.

Today, I find that my home is where my family is.  No matter what country that happens to be. I still miss my family back in the US but my home and life are here in Switzerland.

I am on a journey of self discovery. If you would like to join me I am happy to have you along.

If you would like to contact me click here to go to my contact page.