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La Petite souris

My six year old lost a tooth the other night.  It is her fourth that she has lost so far. And, she still has two more wiggly teeth that haven’t came out yet! She let me pull her super lose tooth out right before she went to bed.  It practically fell out.

She quickly decorated her envelope for La Petite souris *.  Then, she put her dent de lait * inside and sealed the envelope shut.

Once in her bed, she gently placed her envelope under her pillow and I kissed her goodnight.

She wasn’t disappointed because the next morning she found 2 chf under the pillow in place of her tooth!

(The decorated envelope for the tooth is our family tradition that I started with my oldest daughter who is now 13.)  

Pour La Petite Souris


* La Petite souris – The little mouse is the French Tooth Fairy.

* dent de lait – Literal translation is milk tooth but in English we say baby tooth.


It is believed that La Petite souris began as a fairy tale, La Bonne Petite Souris, written by Madame d’Aulnoy in the 17th century. 

La Bonne Petite Souris (fr)

The Good Little Mouse (en) – Translation of La Bonne Petite Souris

More Madame d’Aulnoy fairytales in English

The Queen and the Mouse (en) – A nice translation of  La Bonne Petite Souris for very young children.


Here is a cute video of La Petite souris in action!!!

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  • Julie December 12, 2008, 3:55 am

    My Mom use to try to tie a string to our tooth and then yank it out by tying the other end to a door and slamming it. It didn’t really work to well. We never just stood there! lol (Our teeth weren’t loose enough) It makes me laugh. She’d always say, “This won’t hurt.” and we were thinking “Yeah, right.”

  • Pumpkin December 12, 2008, 8:30 am

    My grandfather did the same exact thing to me. Only thing is instead of the tooth flying out like he said it would…I went flying forward landing on the floor with my tooth still attatched to the string which was still attatched to the door. :)

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