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Vacationing in Strasbourg, France

…Is just what I needed.

We have been relaxing.
Taking long walks in all the places we know and love.
We took the kids to Parc de L’Orangerie in Strasbourg. Our children were all able to play in the the big kids park for the first time instead of the little kids park.  They, also, rode the kiddy cars that go around a winding track which their father rode as a child.  They all told me that it was the best day ever.
Last night, we watched a water and light show with fireworks at the end. Even the drunk guy annoying a one year old baby couldn’t ruin it  My son said WOW over and over during the light and water display.  Afterwards, we found ourselves at the Cathedral de Strasbourg just in time for the light show.  Two small girls danced like ballerinas under the towering cathedral.  The entire night was filled with magic.  Just like all the other nights we walked in Strasbourg at night while living there.

We have really enjoyed spending time with my In-laws  and sharing Strasbourg with our children.  I love Strasbourg.  It is really just about perfect as far as a city goes.  I do miss living in Strasbourg where there is always something to do and see.

It is still feels like  home.

It always will.


I find myself missing my other home in the Jura very, very much.

I have to run now because my niece is coming for lunch. She is turning into a young lady just like my oldest daughter who is the same age as her (14 years old). I can remember when they were about four years old talking non-stop in French and English even if they didn’t understand each other’s language they still understood each other. :D

Weekending in Strasbourg – The Bold Soul (I recommend this post to learn more about Strasbourg and why I was so lucky to live there for three whole years.)

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  • anne August 11, 2010, 1:03 pm

    Sounds like a fun time … and you are missing your home in Jura :-) now that is a positive note :-)

    I have never been to Strasbourg.. I know my friends in Paris have .. so that is another place for me to visit.. I best get more work and save up for all this travelling I have to do :-)

    Take Care Anne xox

  • expatraveler August 14, 2010, 4:26 pm

    It sounds like a magical vacation and how vacations should be! I know what you mean about coming back home. I can’t wait till we find our perfect little place and I’m sure we will feel the same way you do once again.

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