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Week in Prague – Part V

Prague wasn’t just about sightseeing for us. It was mostly about visiting family.

We visited family every night. We went bowling with the Czech family and to the zoo with the family of our hosts (my husband’s cousin and his beautiful wife). The kids got to play with their French cousin who made the trip with all of us as well as their Czech third cousins. We sat up late into the night talking and laughing with my husband’s cousin and his wife who were the best hosts ever. Vilay was tired of translating for me by the end of the week but it was the only way I could know what was being said.

My husband shared all his childhood memories of visiting the Czech Republic with us. He and his brother would often stay there with his grandmother during summer breaks. We walked around his families village which is growing with more and more new homes being built.

My Inlaws shared where they went to school, met, married and lived in Prague. My children got to walk on the sidewalk where my husband’s mother walked pregnant with Vilay and later my husband’s parents used to push Vilay in his stroller. The kids thought that was funny.

We stood at the door of their old apartment where they had started their life as a family. Now, they had a chance to stand in that same spot with their son (who was brought home as a newborn to this apartment) and his children.

My husband got to see his grandmother that he hasn’t seen often since he became an adult. My five year old sat by her great-grandmother and loved on her even if she couldn’t speak with her in Czech, French or English. Besides what is the true language between family? It is love. My children loved seeing their family in Prague.

We had a wonderful week in Prague not only because of the city but because of the family.

Prague is beautiful. However, having a Czech family to show what real life is like there made Prague even more special.

Now our children know a part of their Czech heritage and that is priceless.

I can’t thank my Inlaws or the Czech family enough for all that they did to make it possible for us to see Prague and the family there.

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  • sissi August 12, 2008, 8:15 pm

    It looked like you guys really enjoy Prague and its surroundings.
    It is true that your picture are really beautiful and it is way better to visit a place with locals, you learn more about the country and they tell you about places to go.
    Have you ever thought of living over there?
    Does your husband speak Czech?

  • Pumpkin August 13, 2008, 11:33 am

    Our home is in Switzerland now. Vilay has work here and hopefully I will soon. Our children love it here and I would never dream of moving them from Switzerland.
    The Czech Republic is very beautiful but it is expensive there and the average salary is low. So, if we ever did decide to move there it would only be if we BOTH had high paying jobs otherwise we would be giving up alot. Switzerland has a high level of life even for poorer folks like us. :)

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