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Pirate rain boots


…for navigating the waters of life.


The back of the rain boots have reflectors for safe navigation!

We found these rain boots at Dosenbach (a shoe store) where I found my comfy Swiss slippers about a month ago. We have bought many of our families shoes and boots there since moving to Switzerland.

Petite Clown was the only child that wasn’t prepared for the spring rains that I am sure will start in a few months.

Since pirates are the fashion rage for girls and boys alike, I lucked out.

Boy Blue will be able to wear these cool pirate rain boots after Petite Clown outgrows them. When she begged me for the Dora the Explorer rain boots I sternly said, “No!”

Boy Blue can’t go around wearing flowery pink Dora the Explorer rain boots as hand me downs.

I know it is a “it really doesn’t matter” kinda thing if you are a person not living in the real world philosophical person.

But, in real life real kids can be real mean and it really does matter.

Besides, Petite Clown has fallen in love with her pirate boots and is looking forward to taking them to dance in the rain. Dora boots were forgotten as soon as I placed the bag containing her pirate boots in her hands.

Kids are great that way.

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  • buzzgirl February 14, 2008, 10:46 pm

    Oh, man are those cool! I want some!

  • Cathy Y. February 15, 2008, 2:58 am

    Pumpkin – I agree with you that it does matter what Boy Blue wears, particularly out in public. It’s one thing to maybe put a pink blanket on an infant boy in the house if you’re short on clean blankets or something. It’s another thing to take them out in public. Glad you got something that could work for both genders. That’s a good deal!

  • Pumpkin February 15, 2008, 8:04 am

    Buzzgirl, Me too! When I saw them I told Petite Clown thought they were the coolest.

    Cathy Y., We always try to buy some things as unisex so that we can save money. Of course, it doesn’t work for everything. Things like rain boots, snow boots and winter hats work.

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