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What is Tiki?

And, what exactly do you do with it?


I bought a package of Tiki because it said on the package it was a Swiss tradition. I thought it would be fun to try out another Swiss product.

I opened the package and found these little guys.


This is what was inside.


As an American, it reminded me of a SweeTart.

I popped it into my mouth not really knowing what to expect. At first, it wasn’t bad. Soon that changed. It started foaming and the taste was strong.

I figured perhaps it was a concentrate and not meant to be eaten but put into water for a drink.

The picture of the boy holding a glass of pink liquid on the package is what gave me this idea.

I gave the kids glasses with mineral water and dropped two squares of Tiki into each. The kids stirred it all up and drank it. Afterwards, they were begging for more.

If you are Swiss or have lived in Switzerland for a long time I know you are most likely on the floor rolling in laughter. I don’t blame you.

Because, after searching on the internet (by the way not a lot of info on Tiki) I found that it is meant to be eaten and not put into a drink.

Why is the boy shown holding up a drink? Can someone explain this to me?

Today, I let the kids try eating it and they liked it.


Kids like anything sweet and foam is a bonus!

Read Swissmiss for the info I found on Tiki. In comments is where I was enlightened on how to properly enjoy TIKI. The post explains that the packaging is in celebration of Tiki’s 60 year anniversary. It was the original packaging. If you go to tiki.ch you can see the modern version.

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  • SwissGuy February 14, 2008, 5:04 pm

    Tiki… -hahaha, I’ve almost forgotten these. Thanks for bringing that childhood memory back to me!

    I think originally it was supposed to be put in a glass of water (which is fun too because it makes the water go all bubbly in a rage and as a kid I put it in a high, half filled glass, then put my ear close to it’s top to listen to the sound).

    But actually the most fun thing was to put one on your tongue and feel the unusual sensation when it’s starts to foam. You then keep it like this in your closed mouth and see who can keep it there the longest without swallowing (its slightly acid and you have to breath through your nose)…!

    …Needless to say I haven’t done this since my kindergarden days.

  • Allan February 14, 2008, 5:11 pm

    Back when I was a kid, we had Fizzies here in the States. Same idea. Drop in water, and they dissolved to make a carbonated, flavored drink.

    We used to pop them straight into our mouths. It was kind of a badge of courage if you could do that.

    And I see that Fizzies are back: http://www.fizzies.com/

  • Pumpkin February 14, 2008, 6:50 pm

    Swissguy, OK now I feel better for making a drink out of it! My kids really like it. They drove me nuts today asking if they could have some more. They didn’t care if it was in a drink or not they just wanted more. :)

    Allan, I never knew about Fizzies. I see they are back from the link you gave. I will ask Angel if she has seen them. I know as a kid I would have loved it. As an adult it just isn’t as attractive.

  • Pumpkin February 14, 2008, 6:59 pm

    Swissguy, I just gave it to the kids again in water and told them to put their ear next to the cup. My five year old told me it was talking to her and my four year old told me it smells good which I agree with. :)

    Thanks for sharing your memories and clearing up what Tiki is and how to use it!!!

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