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Yellow triangle for safety

In Switzerland, children are provided a free yellow, reflective traffic triangle that is worn to and from school. It is placed over clothing around the neck. Children are, also, given traffic training by a professional starting at age five which is the first year a child can go to school.

Sweet Bear was given the training by a policeman. The kids were taken to a real road in front of my daughter’s school and each child practiced crossing the road under the supervision of the officer.

After the training at school each child in her class was sent home with a card game, Triplo (jeu de famille), to play at home with their parents to reinforce what was learned.

Here is a back view of my daughter’s yellow triangle which is made by Trikora.

Yellow triangle for Swiss kids

Here is a front view.

Yellow triangle for Swiss kids

Behind one of the circles is a plastic slot that Velcros shut. Inside, on a small piece of white paper, is my daughter’s name and school information.

The traffic triangle is available in the United States for around thirteen bucks. You can even buy one for your dog!

I would really like to see this kind of thing implemented in America and France as well as other countries.

Schools play an active part in the education of children on road safety. It is taken seriously.

At the beginning of the school year during school hours, I saw older children on bikes with a teacher practicing how to ride a bike safely on the roads.

Rentrée scolaire! Pensez aux enfants! (School starts! Think of the children!) is an initiative put in place right before each new school year.


It reinforces road safety for drivers in regard to children walking to and from school or riding bikes. It gives information to parents on how to teach your children to walk or ride their bike safely to and from school.

The key is to continuously reinforce what the child has been taught. In Switzerland, it is not only the responsibility of the parents and teachers but the whole community.

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  • expatraveler March 2, 2008, 2:12 am

    This too was something I was so impressed about in Switzerland. I think the fact that cars actually stop for pedestrians is something that other countries should wake up to! I hate it here. Pedestrians don’t get any respect in Canada and in fact there are many people who die without anything being said or done to the guilty party. As well, I never would feel safe riding my bike in North America. I just wish it wasn’t that way….

  • Pumpkin March 2, 2008, 7:46 am

    Expatraveler, That was one of the first things Vilay and I noticed when we first moved here. Cars do stop for pedestrians. When I walk my daughter to the bus stop the cars will often stop before I am completely at the cross. :)

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